Syalon 501 Level Sensors

Electrically conducting ceramic

This Syalon is a composite grade developed to provide an electrically conducting ceramic. This allows Syalon 501 to be electro-discharge machined into significantly more complex shapes than other ceramics with any detrimental loss in the fundamental properties of strength and wear resistance associated with ceramics. Syalon 501 can be used in a wide range of applications where temperatures do not continuously exceed 800 °C.

Typical physical properties of Syalon 501

Room Temperature of Modulus of Rupture (
Reaction Bonded SN: 180
Alumina: 350
SiC: 459
Syalon 501: 825
Syalon 101: 945

3-point Room Temperature Modulus of Rupture Specimen 3 x 3 x 50 mm, span 19.05 mm825MPa
Density3.950 x 103[kgm-3]
Thermal conductivity λ (20 °C)19.1[Wm-1K-1]
Specific heat at 27°ь0C630Jkg-1 K-1
Thermal Diffusivity7.7mm2/sec
Volume Electrical Resistivity7.24 x 10-6Ohm.m
fracture toughness K1C5.7 – 5.8[MPam1/2]
max. use temperature air1.200°C
max. use temperature electrical conductivity800°C
Thermal shock resistance400∆T°C quenched in cold water
thermal expansion coeff.5.6 x 10-6[K-1 from 20 °C to 1.100 °C]

The given values are only valid for the tested samples and therefore only to be used as indication values.

Typical applications for Syalon 501 are

  • Level sensors in molten metals
  • Extrusion tooling for sections
  • Complex moulds for metal and plastic forming
  • Intricate and precise industrial wear parts



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