NICARB – Thermocouple Protection Tubes


Nitrite bonded Silicon Carbide (without steel inner tube)

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, copper and copper alloys.

Max. temperature:
up to 1500 °C

with flange, groove or plane at the open end.

CERN-(+length in centimetres) for thermocouple protection tubes
CERN-HT-(+length in centimetres)-COE for immersion heater tubes
CERN-HT(+length in centimetres)-OBE for radiant heater tubes open both ends

thermocouple protection tubes

Made by high-pressure isostatic compaction techniques and subsequent high temperature nitridation, NICARB, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide thermocouple protection tubes are of premium quality. Their life span potential in many applications, where mechanical damage is minimal, makes them very economical. Where good practices prevail, these long life protection tubes are the most economical.

Thermal, mechanical and physical properties:

Properties Value Unit
Silicon carbide content 78 – 81 %
Si3N4 19 – 22 %
Maximum temperature 1500 °C
Open porosity 18 – 22 Vol.-%
Raw density 2,58 kg/dm3
Compressive strength (at 20 °C) 85 – 100 N/mm2
Bending strength (at 1400 °C) 20 – 30 N/mm2
Fire resistance >38 SK
Thermal conductivity (at 1100 °C) 8 W/mK
Thermal extension coefficient (20 - 1100 °C) 4,5 K-1 x 10-6
Average specific heat (20 – 1100 °C) 1050 J/kgK
Temperature exchange resistance excellent

The given values are only valid for the tested samples and therefore only to be used as indication values.

The major benefits are:

  • Large size range available
  • Long service lives
  • No preheat necessary
  • Excellent erosion resistance
  • Good response times to temperature variations


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