Marshall Thermocouples and Accessories

The ready for use MARSHALL temperature sensor is a combination of a high temperature resistant steel tube, covered with a thin graphite coating and assembled with a thermo wire. The element can be used directly and without pre-heating.

A MARSHALL thermo-element consists of a chromium-steel tube type SS 446 / DIN 1.4749 and two type K (NiCr/Ni) thermo wires. These elements are simple to connect, very economical and easy to use with the lightweight lance and optional digital pyrometer.

The hot junction is welded into a small diameter tip. Because of the wall thickness of only 3 mm at this sensible point, very quick temperature readings can be made. The solid construction of the assembly guaranties a very good service life. Through this combination of quick response, long service life and low price MARSHALL became the very well reputed market-leader he is today, the best in his class and reported to be superior.

Standard type K class 1 elements according to European standard IEC-584. Upon request all elements can be furnished with a certificate of conformity.

All accessories, such as grips, lances and pyrometers are available from stock.

The advantages of Marshall elements are:

  • extremely low costs per temperature reading
  • can be used up to 1350 ºC
  • quick response time due to the thin wall at the hot tip
  • several hundred measurements in aluminium, excellent durability in bronze, brass and copper (-alloys)
  • easy to use and lightweight design
  • excellent resistance to chemical corrosion of molten aluminium and copper (alloys)

Aluminium- and copper (alloys), dip measurements and continuous temperature sensing for primary aluminium and copper, in troughs, (crucible-) furnaces, filter-boxes and many more

Max. temperature:
1300 - 1350° C for dip measurements / 850° C for continuous temperature sensing

not required

Protection tube:
oxidised chromium steel type SS 446 / DIN 1.4749

type K (NiCr/Ni) CLASS 1, max. tolerance 0,4 %. Also available with Certificate of Conformity.

type 501-T-8-"Y" for 8" / 203 mm tip with wire lengths from 31" / 790 mm up to 120" / 3050 mm
type 701-T-"X"-"Y" for tips from 12" / 305 mm up to 48" / 1220 mm with wire lengths from 31" / 790 mm up to 120" / 3050 mm
type MT-"X"-6 for tips from 12" / 305 mm up to 48" / 1220 mm with a wire length of 6" / 150 mm, (please see enclosed list with all standard dimensions in inch + metric system)

green (+), white (-)

Connection tube:
the element is fixed in lance with one screw

Connection element:
two U-clips at the end of the wire, MT-versions are WITHOUT U-clip

Order quantity:
5 pieces = 1 packing unit



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