Ceramics from Syalon

For metallurgy

Syalon ceramics for engineering applications are established in most parts of the metal industry, especially in the non-ferrous sectors Aluminum, Copper and Brass. The material is also known as Sialon, it offers a wide range of applications:

Smelters and Foundries

  • thermoelement protection tube for both, direct temperature sensing in the metal as well as indirect sensing (environment, e.g. furnace wall or roof)
  • riser tubes for low-pressure-die-casting processes (e.g. Aluminum wheel manufacturers)
  • (immersion-) heater tubes for heating elements, -wires and -coils (protection against erosion and mechanical damages).
  • dosing valves, pistons and armatures for the use in pressurized and highly corrosive flow control systems.
  • For thermal engineering where corrosion and thermal shock resistant parts are used and tested for:
    • thermal shock proof components
    • thermomechanichally loaded components

Electrical Engineering

  • where highly strong and thermal shock resistant components show improved service behavior: insulators, separation and shielding plates and vacuum and pressure feed through

Optical Engineering

  • where lightweight, highly stiff and long term stable components and structures are needed
    • guiding beams for positioning systems
    • support and frame for lenses
    • housing structures for optical systems

Special characteristics / features

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Extremely wear resistant
  • High temperature shock resistance
  • 100% gastight due to 0% porosity
  • No chemical reaction or erosion in molten aluminium
  • High non-wetting features



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