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SRS Amsterdam

SRS Amsterdam was founded in November 2003, in the early days also known as Super Red Sensors. Founder was Petra Beckers who lead the company to great successes during the 13 years of ownership. On January 1st, 2006 SRS changed her status and became a Ltd. company under the name SRS Amsterdam B.V. Since April 1st, 2016 we have been part of German Calsitherm Verwaltungs GmbH who is mainly active in the same market facets as SRS Amsterdam with high quality calcium-silicate products for foundries but also for domestic appliances.


We are specialized in temperature sensing, products for non-ferrous molten metal treatment and transport. Our main customers are primary-, secondary aluminium producers, recycling plants, non-ferrous smelters and foundries.

Products for...

  1. temperature sensing in non-ferrous molten metals
  2. treatment of non-ferrous molten metals
  3. transport of non-ferrous molten metals

SRS Amsterdam BV is the official European distributor of the genuine Marshall thermocouples

L.H. Marshall, market leader of the unique temperature sensors and former patent-holder, has more than 80 years of experience in foundry business worldwide. L.H. Marshall has become one of the leading producers of the unique ready-for-use thermocouples.

Besides the famous Marshall thermocouples, we are proud to represent the original Syalon – also known as Sialon - which is one of the most important products in our assortment. The famous Syalon was developed in the 70’s in England and made its first entrance to the market. It was not until the mid-90’s when the high-tech ceramic began its success in the non-ferrous market of which SRS Amsterdam has played an important part. Syalon ceramics are now not only known in the metal industry. The material also found its way into other industries, e.g. the chemical industry, waste incineration plants and powerplants.

Thermocouple protection tubes

Temperature sensing in non-ferrous molten metals is our business and an important part of this are thermocouple protection tubes. Besides high-tech ceramics like Syalon our assortment also includes low-cost, high-quality silicon carbide and cast-iron protection tubes with enamel coating.

Due to the long-term cooperation with our suppliers we are able to guarantee a constant quality of our products. This ensures our customers steady and continuous quality products for their highly sophisticated equipment. The excellent cooperation with our suppliers and the close contact with our customers enables us to supply high quality products at competitive prices but also guarantee quick deliveries, technical support as well as creative and flexible solutions for all your technical questions and challenges.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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