Marshall thermocouple type MT-101

A low-cost temperature sensor that’s fast – accurate – low cost

Rugged and durable, genuine MARSHALL thermocouples provide dependable performance up to 1300° C. Developed originally for taking temperatures in nonferrous foundries, they are adaptable to many other industrial applications including furnaces, smelters, stacks, ovens and exhaust systems. The MARSHALL chrome iron thermocouple sheath is highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures and can be used in sulphur atmospheres and salt baths.

The MARSHALL product is a ready-for-use thermocouple which makes additional protection tubes unnecessary. Preheating prior to immersion into molten metals or before exposure to other heat sources is also not necessary.

Compatible with standard thermocouple hardware

MARSHALL thermocouples are offered with or without mounting hardware. There are no changeover problems because of a wide variety of mounting hardware is available. They may also be used with your present standard hardware.

The MT-model which is shown on this page has a standard 6″ (152 mm) wire and it is exclusively used for continuous temperature sensing. The tip of the MT-version is available in 8 different standard lengths (see table below).

Marshall's armoured tip construction

Marshall's armoured tip construction encloses and protects the hot junction tip. This assures long life, temperature sensitivity and pyrometer read-out speed. Thermocouples are manufactured with Special Limits Class 1 thermocouple wire with tolerances per ANSI MC96.1 and IEC584 standards and are available in Type K or J calibration. The thermocouple tip is bevelled to increase temperature sensitivity while maintaining adequate wall thickness.

Standard sizes

Tip Length
mm / Inch
Part Number,
6″ Bare Lead
Part Number,
203mm / 8″MT8-6MT8-6-SCH
305mm / 12″MT12-6MT12-6-SCH
305mm / 15″MT15-6MT15-6-SCH
457mm / 18″MT18-6MT18-6-SCH
508mm / 20″MT20-6MT20-6-SCH
610mm / 24″MT24-6MT24-6-SCH
762mm / 30″MT30-6MT30-6-SCH
762mm / 36″MT36-6MT36-6-SCH



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