Right from the beginning SRS Amsterdam was aware of the importance of distinctive advertising and good marketing. After several more conventional advertisements the step to a more unconventional design was made in September 2006, right in time for the ALUMINUM 2006 in Essen in that year.


For original advertisement please have a look at ‚Aluminium 06/2007’. The advertisement was refused by the German magazine ‘Giesserei’ because of its “sexistical content”. The advertisement shows a young woman holding a Syalon tube like a microphone. Her message: “Talk to us”.

The success of this ad became evident in 2007 because sales doubled within one year from the first release.

The acceptance for the advert was positive and only very few criticized it or found it controversial. The fact may have helped that SRS Amsterdam was founded and run by a woman. In addition to this, when 'Amsterdam' forms part of the company name, you may be allowed to show your products in a slightly different context.

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